Choosing Love

Driving in and around San Antonio this weekend, I experienced the wildest of drivers.  It seemed that collectively, they were very slow & lost or very impatient and speedy.  I’d like to think that I represented a happy balance, but I may have leaned toward the slow &  lost side.   I was listening to the GPS lady who navigated us incorrectly looking for the college baseball fields.   We had a frustrating journey around UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio) for about 40 minutes.   The GPS kept saying “Turn left on Utsa Drive”.  We thought it was funny… the first 30 times.    We finally found our destination, dropped off the ballplayer and then got back on Utsa to retrieve my mom, who was at the hotel waiting patiently for me.

Before I made it back to the hotel, I experienced one of the bully-ist of drivers I have ever seen.   I was driving on the frontage road 10 miles over the speed limit.  A young woman was  beside me also being mostly mindful of the speed, as well.   The guy behind me,  in the bite-size grey Range Rover was in a HUGE hurry.  He was cussing, honking, visibly angry, swerving and so totally pissed off that we were not partaking in his Saturday Indy race.   He was so close to my bumper that I could see the horns poking through the top of his head.   So for me…this is a signal to slow way down.  Oh he loved that.   So he moved over and started drive-bullying the 20 year old girl in the white Accord.   She panicked, sped up and kind of dangerously pulled in front of me.   He sped off for 30 seconds and turned super fast into LOWES.   The dude was going to Lowes.   He was putting us in harms way to go buy a bougainvillea.  That poor girl was so shaken up.   She and I kind of bonded when we looked at each other and I mouthed, “What a F ing A Hole”, as we then went about our separate ways (within the speed limit, of course)

I then slowed down a bit as I mentally scanned the inside of my vehicle for something sharp.  Sharp enough to poke 4 holes in some expensive tires.   I know I have a Swiss Army knife somewhere.  An old blue one with emergency nail clippers,  that my friend Gary gave me in 1987.    Probably next to my Driving Meditation of Peace CD’s in the glove compartment.   I moved aside my  Yoga for Drivers book on tape  and hoped to find an ice pick.  That would be perfect.  I could roll up, puncture 4 generous holes in the A- hole’s car and be on my merry way to pick up my mom.    I know the color & the make.  I know he went to Lowes.  How hard could it be?   Then I thought damnit… what if I get caught.  That would be a tough tale to tell the judge.   The guy is probably a lawyer anyway.  (no offense to the nice lawyers out there)   Then I would be on the news as the crazed baseball vigilante mom who seeks vengeance on bad drivers.   That wouldn’t look good on a resume.   So I stuffed my anger with McDonald’s fries (not recommended) and finally picked up my mom.   She was happy that she did not have to take Uber to pick me up from jail.  She also reminded me that Karma will take care of people like Rage Rover guy.

I believe in Karma.  Living by the Golden Rule works for me.   I know that I experience more love and kindness if I set my life in that direction.  We all have crappy days, sure,  and sometimes the jerks win.   I wonder what would have happened if I followed the angry home improvement guy, got out of my car, walked over to him and gave him a hug.   Maybe talk to him gently and say, “You must be having a tough day…”  Maybe he was speeding because he needed a plunger and guests were coming over for the rehearsal dinner in 30 minutes.    That might warrant his behavior.   Maybe he was mad because no one said hi to him on his walk this morning. 😉 (a blog or two back)

Oh to be so evolved that I would choose LOVE  first over “What do I have in my possession that could teach this guy a lesson”.   I really did want to rattle him up, like he did to sweet Accord girl and me.   What if she had a baby in that car?    Choosing love should be the ultimate and the immediate.   I will do my best to set that as my barometer, rather than foraging for the dull tweeters in my purse.    I will put this next to my navy blue 1987 Swiss Army knife in my glove compartment:

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”



Although Gandhi probably didn’t experience road rage…but I think he would have stuck by his guns… (hypothetically, of course)


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.34.05 PM.png


Monday, June 5th 5:35 pm                safely at home








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