Late Work

I made a deal that I would write once a week.   So, since I was late with my “Walk” blog, here is another shorty for you.

I hope I get full credit for turning in my work late.  Funny how schools do that now.  You can turn in your work that was due on Monday only up to a week late for 80% credit.  When I was in school, I think you either turned it in on time or you were s.o.l.   Could we turn things in late and get any credit?   Pretty long ago.  Might be making up miles and snowfall.

Today is Mother’s Day.  I want to express my gratitude to the Big Beautiful Universe for the opportunity to be a mom.  It truly is the best job, career, calling, occupation, Divine appointment, blessing and gift to be Luke’s mom.   I call him my favorite son.   He calls himself our one and only.  Ichiro.  Number One Son.  There is no mystery that I LOVE this child & love being his mom.  Love x infinity.

My mom is cute.  She is funny, kind, talented and a youthful soul.  She never missed a softball game, a concert, a field hockey game, a recital, a swim meet, a pageant or the opportunity to buy me sparkly clothing. She is not afraid of a cuss word.  She attracts wandering souls who need a soft place to land.  She is a healer.  She reminds me to wear lipstick.  She travels often to enliven her spirit and brings joy to all she meets.  I got lucky.

I know some people weren’t lucky.  I know some people had tough moms.   Not everyone can walk down the HEB aisle and pick out the flowery card that says, “Mom, You were always there for me.   Our lives are blessed because of your sacrifice and dedication to our family”.    They walk down aisle 7 and cannot find the appropriate card to fit their particular situation.  ie:  The Maybe Just Flat Bad & Questionable Mom section.  Featuring winners like:   “Thanks for all of the criticism” or “You always took care of yourself. First” or “You never met a drink you didn’t like” or  ‘You always had a lot of boyfriends”   Those cards unfortunately might be big sellers.

BUT KNOW THIS:    WE love and adore you and surround you with deeply caring and accepting arms.    We celebrate the fact that you are here and you made it.  You raised yourself and/or you were blessed with alternative moms that helped raise you, be them Stepmoms, your friend’s mom, your grandmother, your auntie, your dad,  your church, your community, your dojo, your hairstylist, the two daddies  down the street, that awesome teacher.   You were lead to the right place and we are forever grateful.

I got bold on ya there.  Well, I mean it.  YOU didn’t choose your mom… but God chose you to be here now.

Thanks for being the light you always knew you could be.


An Alternative Mom in your life



Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 5.45.49 PM.png


May 13, 2018   5:42 pm

Fixin’ to get ready to walk and pick up stuff.










4 thoughts on “Late Work

  1. Tressie Seegers

    No doubt Luke can quickly find a card for you on mother’s day. You are amazing in many ways. Love you!! Thank you for sharing your talents so freely and enriching our lives!


  2. Connie

    Thanks, Tina! Wonderful post! You are always a sweet, refreshing, funny, thoughtful and fun read! Happy Mother’s Day! Love you, and your beautiful Mom!


  3. EllaDaye Flowers

    Beautiful! Luke is so Blessed to have been born to you and Walt. Y’all have raised a beautiful human being with a kind and loving heart. Thank you for sharing Luke with all of us who love him. Tina, you and your Mom and Walt’s Mom are beautiful shining examples of a wonderful, loving mother. Continued Blessings and Love for you Beautiful Ladies! 💖


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